Sunday, December 21, 2014

Dec 21 -2014

Today morning i was thinking about the purpose of our life. I was convinced we are born so we can help somebody else. 
The day passed like any other day and i was going back home with two of my friends. On our way from putalisadak to bagbazar suddenly the world stopped for us. We heard a house rumble down. My first instinct was to run. But i paused. I wasn't paralyzed but i just couldn't put myself to run. It was an adrenaline rush only with no movement. I knew i wasn't as near as where the noise came from but i also knew i wasn't in a safe distance. I dared myself to look behind me and saw the rubble falling. And when i looked ahead of me i saw my two friends running. It all happened in a matter of few seconds but in that moment i realized how much can happen in one single second. It was as if time had stopped. 
Only few steps away we were from having those rumbles fall upon us and injure us or probably kill us. 
It was just about few seconds. 
And in this incident i felt the chill, the thrill. I lived an Indescribable emotion within those seconds.

I realized that we might be able to help another person in a sound state that is not a big deal . What's the big deal is being able to help other in the face of danger.

I was reminded life is uncertain. What if that would have been my last moment? So i should not forget:  i need to love more , live more and be happy and Brave.
Somebody said it true " Live every moment like its your last one."

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