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Cant Outrun you

I lie awake , my eyes are all open.
I try to do my work.
Distract my mind.

I am fine, I m just fine,
I say I am fine
I will be all right
this will go away.
I smile,  I laugh  like there is no pain
Call up my best friend , hangout
I go to work, do my job
and stay all fine, I try to stay all fine.

I feel like i have been running forever
I cant feel my wings anymore
I wana fly away, just fly away from here.

But no matter what I do ,
How far i run
You always catch up with me,
yes, you always catch up with me.
Your memories, your smile, your promises,
they just dig a grave for me
and I keep falling back,
Oh I keep falling back in love .....with you.

I know its been too long since I last heard your voice,
But I still remember the way you said my name
Yes I do.
I remember those frowning lines on your face
I remember the ring your mother made you wear

And just like a birch bark on fire, my heart,
my heart, burns too hot,
it burns too hot.