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Dhurmush: my meow

So many times in life, we redefine ourselves by the presence of something or someone. To me that redefinition came when my grandma gave us a cat. Cat until that daywere scary and weird to me. I remember that day, my brother, who obviously knew about cats and loved them too, was playing  with and feeding milk to that one month old four legged weird creature. She was crying, as she was far from home. Her mother had died after giving birth to them. My dog, as expected didn't show liking to these new development. He barked at her. For first 3 days she would often hide herself from vunte, my dog. But as the days progressed that little creature grew dominant on vuntu and in my heart as well.
Cats purr. It such a natural phenomenon. But if you are amongst the one who don't know about it. you will get scared. My dog never purred. "What is wrong with my girl? Is she ill?" was the first reaction of me and my mom. Me and my mom, we both always fought at night on who will get t…