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Give me a true smile

You are a questionYou are a mystery You make me wonder  Could I help you?
Your eyes are liars You words are fires You hurt my intentions You are a mystery
A burden on my chest A gulp on my throat You deserve just so much more
You are weird and that’s ok But mysteries I wanna solve Why do you always sleep? So rude sometimes and so caring another day
It’s so cold and you wear no coat Lost them both, it’s not your fault Why you laugh for no reason And sleep all the time Damien rice and hozier keeps playing on rhyme 
You are mystery  Be a happy one Weird is your presence  Be a crazy one  Playing alone the strings of guitar Headphones are on your ear Please give me a true smile Your heart is pure, so be your smile

Veg Non veg

This post is dedicated to my journey of vegetarianism. My journey of being a vegetarian was not a random decision of my life. It did not happen in a snap. And please note it in advance I am not here to judge anyone.  My aunt has been a vegetarian since she was a little kid. It won’t be wrong to say My mama has been a vegetarian all his life. These two peoples although belonging to a newar family practiced vegetarianism and my grand mother had been supportive of this. My aunt chose to not eat meat for the sake of not consciously killing and eating a soul. My mama, he is such a sober man. His body does not agree with meat or alcohol. I have been around them. I used to be very close to my aunt. Hence, she definitely influenced my decision, not by telling me I should stop, but through her act of living a life of vegetarian.
Secondly, I have lived my life around animals. We always had a dog at home. We had hens, we had rabbits. I think I learnt to empathise with them because I grew up bei…