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Inside Outside

Its not greatness to keep quite , to keep silence. I did lot many times. So much that it killed me inside. It made me cold. I sealed my mouth but my face always gave it away.
Its so easy to talk nonsense yet so so very hard to talk about things that actually needs to be shared. Our heart needs it. It need to release the burden of hurt. Our mind needs to release the chain of thoughts. But why is it so hard to share your dark secrets, your insecurities, your weakness, your vulnerability? Because people mock you, people use you for your weakness, they take advantage over your insecurities and they judge you on your darkness.
I did a lot of "keep quite about how I felt, shut the world, don't talk to anyone". And when people forcefully talked to me every word I uttered would come out so rude. Truth is I'm still trying a lot. Struggling a lot. I have come a long way though. Not every word I utter comes out rude now. 
I hated being a third wheel, I hated being used as a th…