Monday, January 19, 2015

Evil world

No matter how much love you give , you will always fail to please people who never want to give you back enough.
Because they have set their eyes on pleasing people who dont love them.

You will bleed blood for them but all they will ever see is a scratched forehead of their haters.
And they will choose to get that scratch treated instead.

There is nothing we will take along with us upon our death yet we spend our whole life trying to claim so much. Do you get as sick as me sometimes
 in this race of claiming?
I wonder how tired she is of fighting?
I am. I am tired just by listening to her fight. I cant imagine how fierce and struggle full her fight possibly has been all along.

But is giving up the answer?
Its too easy to give up and just too difficult to keep fighting.
I want to come out of this. But every second of my life i feel like i am getting tangled even more. 

Life seems so perfect to the outsiders.
We cant even imagine what one is going through. Yet we are so quick to judge.

Why does this world serve the bad/ the evil/ the wrong?
Why is it so easy to be evil and so hard to be "the good"? Because good is good so shouldnt it be easy to be good because it brings good to all of us?
Yet this world is being ruled by "the bad".
Justice is no where around. Who is to bring justice and where is that "who"? We will be dead and into dust, everything will be dead and into dust by the time justice prevails.

Yet there always is a little hope that gets us going. To me hope is the most powerful thing on this earth. But Is it as powerful as the rule of the evil?
The answer to this question is yet to be found.