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Dont Shut me Off

I will take your tears as they come by
I will take your pain like they are mine,
they are mine too,
Don't shut me off, just  don't shut me off.

Please don't cry, I will cry too,
I can;t be strong , if you wont help me too,
I will make things good , just believe in me too,
buy me some time, pray for me
but don't shut me off, just don't shut me off.

I can't find the right words to say to you,
I can't find the right way to show care to you,
I probably give you hurt like they do?
May be I don't understand even half of you,
But I hurt too for all you are going through.

Yes I am scared ,
And no I didn't listen how they got outraged at you,
May be I am just not in your shoes,
But please don't shut me off like you do.

I might be just a little girl to you,
Can you see I can share your tears too?
Oh how I am so proud of you,
You are  strong, I want to be too.
I will cry for you, I cry for you too.

But don't shut me off ,take me in with you
Tell me ab…