Tuesday, September 29, 2015

My take on Nepal's current crisis

For a long time i have been reading post and listening to people talk on vehicles, chiya pasals(cafes) and i have been taking in their thoughts and opinions. I have been pensive myself over the current crisis of our country Nepal. What could be the solution to come out of this?
I have been thinking. 
Requesting India or china to open the borders? Is that a permanent solution? 
Why has India the power to trouble our life? 
China's prime minister stated he will provide all the help he can.
Will he? Even if he does so without any selfish motive is that a permanent solution? 
Aja usle help garla, wa india le nai nakabandhi khulla garla ra hami hamro so called "normal life" ma ramaula. Tara kahile samma?
Its all some temporary and fully parasitic dependency solution.
What our government should do is generate electricity.
Yedi hami sanga lagani chaina vane investors leraune. 
Sano bela ma trolly bus, dad ko rajhdoot bike ani mero bicycle bahek aru vehicles chadeko yaad chaina. 
Khana pakaunu lai gas nai chahincha vanne pani chaina nata fire wood.
We are a landlocked country ra hamilai ahile ko state ma dependent hunu badhyata nai cha.
Tara hami ma ni kati country dependent cha directly or indirectly. We export productions like textiles, chemical, rubber, wood, metal. Cheaper and quality raw materials exported from nepal are refined and made into stuffs and sold in a better price by countries like India and china. So my point is mutual dependency hunu parcha
Tara dependency esto nahos ki kehi hapta wa din ko nakabandhi le hamro life nai uthal puthal hos. 
Arko kura yo samaye desh banaune samaye ho. Lekhera hos, garera hosh, kehi nagarda ni desh bikash ma yogdan pugcha yedi tapai le atleast desh futaune ra bannne kaam bigrana ma haat halnu vaena vane. Bidesh bata hosh wa pradesh bata sano yogdan hosh wa thulo. "MADHESI" , "PAHADI" "#backoffindia" vanera desh bandaina. India should not interfere in our political affairs vanda ni hamle uniharu le interefere garna sakchan vanera sochne power nai dine bato nabanaune ho ni. This is my opinion.
Violence is not the answer. 
Blame is not the solution and open border is blockage to our development if seen in a long term basis.