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A Morning That was dark

A morning that was dark:
There was something about her eyes that touched my heart. It reached my soul every time she looked at me. Her eyes always looked towards me with hope. Every time she heard my voice, she would come running. Her little feet would run as fast as it could. And she would look around if she didn't find me, search for me through her eyes. There was something about her eyes. I can still remember it very precisely. Mom had made her a little home. She was a lil puppy born to a stray dog around our home.  All her brothers and sisters had died already. I have, at many nights found myself helpless, hearing those puppies crying because of cold. They would be crying the whole night. Their mother had left them. She wouldn't stay with them.  And no matter how many sacks or boxes we put up for them, they would still be cold on those chilly cold January nights. Sometimes I would go down and try to light fire and try to make them warm. Every day I prayed for the sun to …