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Overwhelming emotions

Rolling drops,
Roll down the cheeks Keep talking blatantly So its the only sound you hear Keep laughing loud Too loud for everyone So shame is the only emotion you feel
Lost looking at everyone around Do they go home to lose hope everytime Wondering if they are hiding  Drops within their smile Because rich is powerful
And drama is the winner Who listens to cries  Not reaching to their ears?
Weak is me, weaker it makes me Sometimes I lose it, hardly contained patience Lost are all hopes Lost are all the battles
And worse is when.....
When you lose all the balance
Crazy you go
Shattered is how it feels
For lost is the balance
Emotionally, spiritually
Agitated and irritated,
Restless the mind is
The heinous depressing disease
 Taking you into abyss

For worse is when ,
When lost are all the hopes.