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Like I have said before "Love doesnt always like". You might love someone but not like them. You might love someone but love cannot force you into liking someone forever. And I'm constantly reminded of this to such extent that at times in the middle of the night I write about it. Coming to me time and again, making me wish How I was afar. To be nagged of imaginary connections of things spoken or unspoken, of being a failure to bring any happiness, of being reminded of destroying all the hopes that were cast upon, being charged of crimes uncommitted, I fail. I fail to like. I fail to continue. I fail to bring a glimmer of hope. I cannot carry the burden of the "giving back big".  I cannot carry on seeing that  shrugged shoulder, that "I have no one who loves or cares" face, that "she failed me" look, the huge misunderstanding and the incompatability to ever empathize each other. The accusations dig more deeper holes. I am becoming shallow, rut…