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Survival of Friendship

And slowly now that you are slipping away
May be i will recall our moments of laughter And years from now i will talk of us Our adventures together Our discovery of friendship in each other I Might as well be shedding few tears as i recall then, Of friendship so old that was broken With the calls that were made lesser With the exchange of fewer handshakes While blaming our busy life A friendship that broke apart

I will call you today just like i did yesterday I will complain about you not calling me back Out of no desperation, but desire To keep my friend aside Even in years to come To recall together the journey afar
But slowly i might stop So my dear friend Are we what we are? So wont you help us be What we were always supposed to be Dont forget me today Keep me in your heart even tomorrow Lets bitch about our failures Lets celebrate our success For lets keep afresh the friendship  For friends are forever