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Trivial fear

Deep. Its deep. The emotion that is controlling me right now is deep. I am feeling some anxiety, fear, insecurity. I am scared."I dont love you"
"I am sorry but i never loved you like......" Her words are echoing through me deep. Deep.

Through this abandoned and outmoded park i see a setting sun. A deep tenebrous shade of red has beseiged the clouds. The tree above me is hallowing in pain or is it screaming dance of joy? I am staring at the horizon.
"Damn I am a man, for God's sake stop. Please." -I tell myself. I cant find a tissue, who carries it anyway? They are not stopping. "What the fish? " I travelled some pretty miles, crossed some pretty villages , climbed some pretty tough hills , hungry as hell but no appetite, all this hardship so that voice would stop echoing through my whole body, those memories of her would estrange from my heart but these tears of pain are the only thing besides my body sweat that has estranged from my body leaving…
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Visiting Heaven On Earth: Rara

Although my age, I met Rumi when I was working at Luniva Tech Pvt. Ltd. and we just clicked and she became my little sister from thereon. However, she had been pursuing her masters in Japan and after 3 years was visiting me back here in Nepal. We had been planning to take a trip for a long time since she bought her tickets back home but no destination was finalized because of the time limit. Only 3 days before the trip, we finally decided it will be Rara: all-girls trip -Me and Rumi. But I also had another sister at my current workplace equally adorable and when she asked her parents, she also got the green sign and on the whim, just like that, we bought the tickets to Nepalgunj for October 18, 2019. We had inquired about the connecting flight to Talcha airport with one of the travel agents of Nepalgunj who had assured we will get the tickets easily and so we flew off Friday morning, with excitement and nervousness all mixed up.

Friday, Oct 18, 2019: We reached Nepalgunj at around 10 …

Eating Out As A Vegan In Kathmandu: Options

I have been a vegan for about 2 years now. And today I want to share with you all the places I go to eat and what I eat there.

1. Astrek Park, Thamel: It is currently my favorite of all where I go to have vegan pizzas from La Pizza Point and vegan brownie from Sprouts. Sprouts is a vegan restaurant with an amazing vegan menu like buddha bowl and vegan smoothies however, la pizza point isn't. Nevertheless, I love their vegan pizzas and so do my non-vegan friends as well.

2. French Bakery Kathmandu, Paknajol: They have a completely different vegan menu so if you ever give them a visit, don't forget to ask them for the V-Menu. They serve amazing chocolate and bakery as well as Italian options. I am in love with their confectionery. Their toast with scrambled tofu was also not bad at all however, it lacked seasoning for me.

3. Loving Heart Vegan Restaurant, Thamel: This was the first place I visited to try vegan food. I tried seitan for the first time here and soy milk. I am in love…