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My Lucid Dream

I want to spread my arms As wide as i can Close my  eyes  Shut everything off And let myself go Fall so deep And as i fall I want to fly  As high as i can go
Live my dream Feel the excitement of flying No more as a dream No more so real yet so dreamy feel The clear blue sky above me And oh so far the land is I rest then upon the green grass ground See the beautiful white clouds
Like a hot air balloon In the sky I see the beautiful mountains Oh so beautiful they are As i am flying  Only my eyes and memories have them captured
My eyes open I am in my bed But i cant let go of my dream So i wana spread my arms As wide as i can Shut my eyes off And let myself go Fall deep  Fall so deep  And as i almost touch the ground I will find my wings....

Question Mark

People often keep talking about freedom. About letting go. About smiling. About looking at brighter sides of life. But is it practical to look at the sunny sides of every event that happens in our life on everyday basis?
Yes we can laugh at a slip on a public road with hundreds of eyes laughing at our awkward fall but how do one laugh off when someone treats you like a trash? Or when your boss pressurizes you to work extra time without any respect for your dedication? How do you laugh it off when your child snaps at you for trivial matters? How do you laugh it off when you lose someone forever? And how do you laugh it off when you love someone (and as the cold play's lyrics go) but it goes to waste?
Now philosophy would be to say love has to be selfless . Love is never a waste but bullshit every love is selfish in one way or other. I mean we love them and that itself is one selfish act of our heart. And like it has been said we want people we love to be happy!! Why because we are selfis…