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Things to do in Nepalgunj

Hot and humid in summer, Nepalgunj is a gateway to many tourist destination. If you are awaiting a bus or a flight to one of those destination, you can utilize your wait time by doing few things I would like to recommend.
1. Visit Bardiya National Park  You will need to start  your day early in the morning, to make this to and fro trip successful. If you have enough time, you can stay around the resorts around the national park. The park itself covers an area of 374 sq mi and is the largest national park in Nepal. You can also visit tharu village and enjoy tharu cultural programs. For the jungle activity try canoe ride, safari drive and keep your distance from elephant ride. 

2. Visit Banke National Park Banke is 210 sq mi mostly faling on  the Churia range, neighboring Bardia Nationl Park. They recommend we bring our own vehicle (suitable for off road). Besides it, you can also try hiking, boating or cycling.
3. Visit QFX Bageshwori Situated in New Rod, Nepalgunj and about 6.7 km (15 m…


As kids, most of us always wanted to grow up as quickly as possible. Like it was our gateway to freedom, to do things our way, to do things as we wanted and pleased, to not be said "NO". But, oh how wrong and childish our ideas of growing up were. Right?
But today, here we are, sitting alone in our room, or a cafe, or a corner, or a bus, and contemplating about life and how messed up it is. Yes, life will get easy, yes everything that happens, happens for good, yes, yes, yes, there is so much to our life than meets the eyes. But, isn't life all about suffering and chasing after materialistic or stupid dreams. We run and run and chase and chase and compare and compete, we are a miserable piece of garbage. Unrecyclable.
But, there is one more thing about our life. Do you know what it is? The way we are today, the life that we have today, is all led by the choices we have made throughout. If it's good, let's thank the people who have helped us. But if it's bad,…

Two Pigs

She was an 'A' of awkward and 'M' of miserable. She was a 'D' of dumb and 'I' of immature.  Too awkward to fit in, too miserable because she was dumb to see the true faces of people maybe because she was too immature. Mistakes and hence were made.

8 years ago, as I recall, I met her. Dressed in black pants and green top, with her hair tied as a bun, plump cheeks and petite. She was sitting alone in her classroom seat. Hiding from everyone. I met her there, but before I could talk to her, her friend came looking for her through the doors. As I noticed this guy, with shoulder-length dirty, uncombed hair, dark skin, and a round face with lips that smoked, he reached out to her and sat beside her in silence. From that day on, he became her best friend.

But life is not a fairy tale........ Some best friends stay, some best friends fall apart, some best friends are just not really best friends until the end, and some, no matter how much we try to keep, go aw…

Document Attest Via Examination Board, Sanothiimi

If you are travelling for a work visa in Dubai, Qatar, or going for studies in European countries or Australia, USA, etc or applying for your PR, you may need to attest your SLC/SEE marksheet, SLC /SEE certificate and your school level character certificate. But first make sure you have your SLC/SEE certificate.  When you complete your SLC/SEE you are only provided with your marksheet. Follow the steps below for further details:
Fill a form, readily available in the examination board office if you are requesting for SLC/SEE certificate or document attest.Pay your bills from window no 3. They will charge you NRs 500 for the certificate. Depending upon where you are applying, you may need to attest your original documents as well. For that, you will have to detach your lamination if your document has been laminated. They only detach the backside as the attesting is done on the back page only. Go to the canteen area, they will detach it for NRs 50 (NRs 100 in case of load shedding). If y…

Hike To Jharlang(Batase)

Hike Date: 22nd-23rd June 2019

This was fairly a new route and we were pre-informed that we will have to catch a local van or bus from Dhading besi hence our departure time was 6 AM. Most of us reached the office by 6 am and awaited a few of the remaining hikers. At the last moment, however, Kushal backed out because of some personal reasons. The 13 assembled hikers including our dear Rajendra dai, then left for our destination at 6:30 AM. We started our hike with our musician, Raman, playing songs on guitar. We picked Shreebatsa from Kalimati who had bought apples and bananas for all of us. The unfortunate story is, he bought unripe bananas that weren’t edible even on the next day. We made our bread and jam in the van as a breakfast. We stopped somewhere between Naubise and Galchi for tea, pea and pee break. At 10 AM we took a local bolero from Dhading besi, that is where our musical journey of guitar and vocals ended as we left the guitar in office van. We booked the bolero to drop…

Hike to Chitlang And Chandragiri 2017

Hike to Chitlang Date of Hike: 19th -20th August 2017.
Route: Kathmandu -> Thankot -> Naubise -> Palung -> Chitlang ->Chandragiri ->Thankot
Co-ordinator: Kushma Thapa
Participants: AmbikaM, BigyanS, DijupT, KarishmaP, KumarD, KushmaT, SanjeevS, SarojK, SheprataS, ShreeKrishnaG, ShreyaS, SujanS, SurajR Report by: Kushma Thapa, Saroj Khadayat, Shree Krishna Gurung, Sujan Sauden
Recalling Chitlang Hike by Kushma Thapa” Departure time: Stated 6am, Actual 7am. Date of Hike: 19th -20th August, 2017. No matter how much of pre-planning you do, you are bound to face obstacles you couldn’t have imagined. Our hike to Chitlang was also a gift box that unwrapped unexpected obstacles. On the first day, we ate our breakfast at Naubise, and took the route to Daman from the Naubisejunction. It was the first time taking this route for some of us. We stopped at a deserted house for a short nature break. On the route, we discussed few terms: 2005, two types of brake: fuel and motor. I am sure …

Australian Base Camp: July 2017

The Amazing Experience of Exploring Australian Camp Hikers: Anil Dongol, (organizer, absent in person due to fever, but present in words as irony), Keshab Maharjan, Teena Dongol, Rina Shrestha, Bimal Karki, Binjita Aryal, Saroj Thapa, Dilip Kunwar, Raj Thapa, Bhushan Shrestha, and myself Kushma Thapa. Departure time: Stated 6am, actual 7am. Date of Hike: 22nd-23rd July 2017.
Some experiences leave you so speechless, you cannot decide where to start. Hence skipping the part about the mundane routine of the hikers having their breakfast at Naubise (new eating place this time), lunch at Abu Khairini’s“Thakali Shanta Hotel and Lodge” and in between bathroom breaks, let's jump into the part where we hired a Sumo, or so I think, from the Tudhikhel of Pokhara and experienced the bumpy sumo ride. I am sure the sumo driver assured Keshab Dai five times that our bags on the roof of the vehicle were safe regardless of not being tied. Nevertheless, the driver had to tie up our bags defeated by t…

First Hike From Verisk: Ghanpokhara Aug 20-21, 2016

Hiking to Ghanpokhara
Date: August 21-August 22, 2016 With packed bags and hiking shoes, we left the office premises at 7am in the morning. We hadn’t reached very far when we got a call from Sameer. He had missed the van so we asked him to catch us at Kalimati where we opted to have tea and a light breakfast while awaiting him. At around 7:45, of course after also picking Sameer, we headed for our journey. The road from Kalanki to Thankot was a mess. Leaving aside the details of where we stopped and where we had our breakfast, after crossing Muglin, near marsyangdi hyrdo power area we stopped at a waterfall site. God help us hike since our shoes and our single pair of socks were totally drenched in our adventure of climbing the rocks to get a nearer view of the top of the waterfall. Off then we went, everyone, taking a turn to try playing the ukulele, singing songs at times too loud with a hungry stomach. We stopped at the very popular Besisahar khana spot of Verisk which was “Puspanjal…

About Matter

Look right or left,
How does it matter,
Passive or active
Why does it matter,
I'll open up my heart
You'll know then why?
Why does it matter
If I live or die?

Don't talk sweet to me
If you are going to stab me
My baby my baby, acting like my best friend
Going behind and bitching

I told you I can't take it
Your daily nagging
I will rip my heart
And You'll still be shouting

Told you from the start
I know not of Love
Yet you had to make a scene
Out in the front

Stab me, hit me, love me, or hate me
Why does it matter , I don't know why does it matter
You leave me or ignore me
How should it matter,
Life is temporary, relative and perspective
People learn to move on, so may be nothing really matters

Trek To Langtang

Langtang Trek: April 28 2018 - May 4 2018  Kathmandu-Syafrubesi-Kyanjing Gompa-Rasuwagadhi-RiversideResort @Kurintar-Kathmandu
Day 1: Kathmandu - Syafrubesi
Four of us headed early in the morning from Kathmandu for our trek to Langtang. The bus left early at 7 am in the morning. We went via Galchi route. The route was being expanded so the roads we blocked for 2 hours. 

Hence, we chose to pass our time watching the bulldozer pushing away soil and playing cards. Later that day, we decided to stay at Syafrubesi as we were told there isn't any settlement in 2 hours distance (There is though, not fancy but we can opt to stay at Tiwar about 45 minutes away in distance).  We strolled around the city and spent the evening in a gumba. Later in the hotel, we played ludo and TND.

Day 2: Syafrubesi - Lamahotel The next day, we packed our bags, had breakfast and started at 8 am in the morning. After about half an hour, my friend Ashmita told me that she is having a hard time walking. This wa…