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John Doe's diary

Following is a page from a diary of a 21-year-old geek guy named John Doe that I am sharing with you said Miss Lou. Miss Lou: "Amy will you please pass the hands out to the whole class."
I turn over the page. It reads out as so:
"Infinite loop. It’s not a very uncommon word in my field. Today I want to dedicate my post to explain what is infinite loop and how I relate to it. Infinite loop means going around and round the same iteration in a never-ending circle.  "I hate my life. Yet I realize life is precious. It’s amazing. It’s wonderful and we should be thankful. I love my life. Yet I hate my life." Above is an illustration of an infinite loop. I am doing things I don't want to do. I am bound to things I don't want to be bound to. I feel responsible yet it's not how I imagine being responsible. And I fucking hate my life. I feel so suffocated. I feel so trapped. I don't even have my wings coz it’s been chopped off. I am going to snap, I keep snappi…