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My internship Journey

The only thing one learns by birth is to cry and throw.
And in the journey of life, is when you learn. Everyday you learn a lesson. But its upon you how you perceive it.
There is always a first time for eveything, nobody starts from second.
What you are going through, its most probable that someone somewhere has gone through it before.
Every problem has a solution and the  best way to deal with it is to face it calmly.
I am a beginner in programming. At many times i have panicked,  I have been scared of failure, i have been scared of not being able to learn. At times i have wondered if i am doing good, or if i am the only one who is this stupid making such simple mistakes. I still am not sure of how well or how bad i am doing. I dont know what the future beholds for me.
But everyday, in this journey of my internship, I have learned something new. Yes, sometimes its a new syntax, while the other time i learned what mistakes i should not do. Sometimes i learned how i should wor…