Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My internship Journey

Team Building Activity-Story telling competition

The only thing one learns by birth is to cry and throw.
And in the journey of life, is when you learn. Everyday you learn a lesson. But its upon you how you perceive it.
There is always a first time for eveything, nobody starts from second.
What you are going through, its most probable that someone somewhere has gone through it before.
Every problem has a solution and the  best way to deal with it is to face it calmly.
I am a beginner in programming. At many times i have panicked,  I have been scared of failure, i have been scared of not being able to learn. At times i have wondered if i am doing good, or if i am the only one who is this stupid making such simple mistakes. I still am not sure of how well or how bad i am doing. I dont know what the future beholds for me.
But everyday, in this journey of my internship, I have learned something new. Yes, sometimes its a new syntax, while the other time i learned what mistakes i should not do. Sometimes i learned how i should work and sometimes how i should not. Someday i learned how i should speak and someday when i should not speak. When our seniors told us how we should make as many mistakes as we can in this learning phase, i had wondered how does it even make sense. But yes, now i know a little of it, because i probably have learned equally from my mistakes as i have from my researches.
They, our seniors( our boss) , have been an inspiration all the time. The way they teach us, tell us how things are to be done with so much of calmness is encouraging and very comforting. My colleagues, they have been so much wonderful, always very helpful. This all probably sounds like exaggerated. But well i feel lucky that my experience need not need any exaggeration.
Sometimes me and my colleagues we are working in so much of silence that  we dont even notice each other and sometimes we are shouting and fighting for the roundable chair, or the heater or chocolates.
The team building activity, the intern of the month competition, that wait for the power so we can have one or two cup of coffee, those chana chatpat and panipuri treats, those scary "finish it by today" deadlines , those nightmares you get when you are stucked on the same error for more than a day and so much more. Well its the final month running and still it feels like only yesterday that we came for the interview.
What does tomorrow behold? I have no clue. But how did yesterday go?
I have a clue. Overall  it has been fun and i wish all of my colleagues best wishes for their final month of internship and also my best wishes to LUNIVA TECH, may it propsper and rise and justify the meaning of its name.