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Trek To Langtang

Langtang Trek: April 28 2018 - May 4 2018  Kathmandu-Syafrubesi-Kyanjing Gompa-Rasuwagadhi-RiversideResort @Kurintar-Kathmandu
Day 1: Kathmandu - Syafrubesi
Four of us headed early in the morning from Kathmandu for our trek to Langtang. The bus left early at 7 am in the morning. We went via Galchi route. The route was being expanded so the roads we blocked for 2 hours. 

Hence, we chose to pass our time watching the bulldozer pushing away soil and playing cards. Later that day, we decided to stay at Syafrubesi as we were told there isn't any settlement in 2 hours distance (There is though, not fancy but we can opt to stay at Tiwar about 45 minutes away in distance).  We strolled around the city and spent the evening in a gumba. Later in the hotel, we played ludo and TND.

Day 2: Syafrubesi - Lamahotel The next day, we packed our bags, had breakfast and started at 8 am in the morning. After about half an hour, my friend Ashmita told me that she is having a hard time walking. This wa…

First Trek Of My Life: Gosaikunda

Trek To Gosaikunda: Aug 2 2017  - Aug 4 2017 (3 Day trek Kathmandu -Gosaikunda -Kathmandu) The plan to visit Gosaikunda was very abrupt. We were leaving on Wednesday and I was informed on Friday I think. Since my mom had visited the Gosaikunda twice already and it is a very famous pilgrimage my mom gave me permisison immediately. It was the month of Shravan, the month when there is a fair or a mela. Hundreds and thousands of pilgrims come to worship the holyness of Lord Shiva and the lake itself during this month. Its also the month of rain so we were expecting rains during our trek. I had been to hikes before and I had my mom who helped me pack the essentials. From my hiking experience, I had packed the minimal.
Day 1: Kathmandu -Dhimsa: On day 1, we had our tickets booked for Pasang Lhamu Bus. One can get the tickets from their counter at Balaju Bypass Junction. One can also reserve a sumo or scorpio which will cost around Nrs 12000/- . The counter had asked us  to come on time i.e …