Sunday, June 21, 2015

Curious quest !!!

Lately so much is going on inside my mind. I am having such an unsatiated quest. I want to know about the  beginning/start, the hows and the whys in between, the ending if any. I want to know not only what everybody knows, i want to go deeper and know that's not known to many. Like for example knowledge of the start, why  , how  of the World war or  of the glasses and their recycling.
So where did this sudden curiosity come from? It couldn't have started only now to uproar abruptly, Could it? I believe its a side everyone has , just probably hidden, if not out on open, in need of that trigger. And any trigger could possible put it into hiding again. 
A hungry  always finds a way to assuage his hunger!! Not always. Sometimes its the situation and some times the boundaries which we don't want to risk fighting in the conquest of satiating our hunger.
As a kid i had wanted to  read novels for the sake of knowing what it is like to be occupied by somebody else's word , imagination and experience. I did have short stories with me and i did read them over and over. But i wanted more. I wanted real. At that age I didn't know of public libraries . When i did come to know about them somehow it wasn't possible for me to go away from  home , alone, for the sake of book borrowing. It wouldn't have gone well with my parents. I probably would have been told to do it once i was on my own. I never tried persuading them though because of a history. Like any other parent here, our parents wanted us to focus only on books that was part of the school or college curriculum.

"Being on own" : wouldn't there be the chance of being so left behind by the time such a time comes? So am i suddenly trying to catch up? I know whats the state of my mind right now. I could imagine myself poring over books if only i could. I still have restrains. I cannot manage to be in a library poring over for hours and hours. A friend of my quoted only today morning "Isn't it too late to be obsessed with history?". Well better late than never right?

I want to learn now, not for my parents, not for the sake of any examination, or any IQ test, i just want to because i have an obsessed interest. I am learning for myself and if tomorrow i shall be suddenly bored that's completely fine with me.  Of course everything coming out from me is pointing to some craziness but hey everyone is crazy in one way or other.  Life suddenly gets a thrive with such generation of passion or obsession whatever you name it. Though it may be short lived it suddenly revives that small part of us.

Cheers to this crazy parts of us.


Saturday, June 13, 2015

A day like yesterday

Could i get a day like yesterday?
He comes in white tshirt
And gives me a smile
I melt right there
 but fake a bold smile

We pass through the streets 
And eat our breakfast
Do the grocery shopping
We Buy some wine

He stares into my eyes
While i dive into his
The smile he gives
Puts me through chills

We talk of movies
And some paradox
He smokes some weed 
I try one two puff or three

Could i get a day like yesterday
Enamored by my sunshine's ray
Could i get another day
Where its just him and me
Could i get another day 
 Embraced in his arms
Could i get another day
Where its just him and me
And could i get another day clasped in his warm embrace

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Unspoken Feelings

I express it all in my unspoken words to you
But you never read them,
I express it all through my eyes 
Do you ever see?
 If you could break through this wall
That i hide under,
If only i could break the wall you take cover under,
May be i could see the words you havent said,
Or may be i would know i have been a flattered fool
May be , and may be you will see you make me crazy

So many things are unsaid between you and me,
But All i want is to know that you love me,
I wouldnt know how you spent 7 days of your week
And it all wouldnt matter if at the end,  its me you seek
Boozing with your pals, bossing around, charming some clients
At the end in my arms, if its where you wana be.
Yeah i wouldnt dig to know where you have been
Wouldnt give much thought on why you were up untill the morning
But only if i knew whom you seek
If only i knew its only me you are seeing

In this game of if, i am not sure whether you are bluffing
Having some round of games on me?

Yes baby, i am unsure but i am crazy
Whats the future here of you and me?
You say your are moving place
And i wouldnt stop you
But hell how would i do without getting to see you?
Cause now i m used to those small heart attacks you give me
Everytime you hold me and suprise me
A face flushing so red and to a voice growing so dull

If we are apart , let it only be in distance
No promises needed,
Just your honest feelings
Just your honest intention of our Forever,
And just the faith i will have my sunshine shining on me