Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Memories of a beating heart

Could write books on memories
Couldn't we?
But there our brain is
Erasing events, erasing embarrassments
So some we cherish, some we forget
Happy moments, heartbreaking moments
lonely moments, sociable moments
Some we cherish some we forget

Fights and fights,
Laughs and Laughs
Yelling and Crying
Cursing and Missing
Acceptance and Rejection
Complexity and Confusion

And different expectations

Needing space, needing compassion
Two opposite poles or two sides of coin?
Misunderstandings and regrets
Overthinking and accusing
Upset faces, anger and disappointment 

I miss you but this ends here
Want no pilot knocking my door
Taking control of my life
It’s already driven by my fears
Fears of failure 
Fears of my mother
Fears of judgemental society
Fears of unknown

Memories is all I have now
And I miss you
But this has to be the end
And I miss you
Although it not upto you to accept