Friday, December 25, 2015

Where i belong

I was seeing him after a long time. Looking at his dark eyes I realized how much I missed them. He styled himself in a jacket with a hood under and light blue jeans paired with black converse. At the coffee house, I was stirring my coffee with sugar. That was when he told me if things went right he will be leaving in coming 10 days.  Everything suddenly felt cold and brutal. My insides were crumbling. I was struggling to keep a straight face. Nevertheless I kept up with our conversations.

I wanted more time. More time to spend with him. No care of the world , I wanted to be with him.  If only I could have dared to hold his hands. I so wanted to feel the warmth of those. Mine were cold, so cold.

He flew back home and I kept trying to delete the thoughts that made me dream of the place I wanted to be at. I could care less where I was, as long as I am with him. For all I know he has been lying to me, yet for all I know he makes me the best version of me. He helps me be who I never expected myself capable of being. Unintentionally. So  unaware of it he is.
I miss you. I couldn't say. I like you. I couldn't say. And as far as he is from me, so are my feelings wrapped inside of me. And of all the places I could wish to be right now, no place will be warmer than the place where he is with me.

.... To be continued