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About Matter

Look right or left,
How does it matter,
Passive or active
Why does it matter,
I'll open up my heart
You'll know then why?
Why does it matter
If I live or die?

Don't talk sweet to me
If you are going to stab me
My baby my baby, acting like my best friend
Going behind and bitching

I told you I can't take it
Your daily nagging
I will rip my heart
And You'll still be shouting

Told you from the start
I know not of Love
Yet you had to make a scene
Out in the front

Stab me, hit me, love me, or hate me
Why does it matter , I don't know why does it matter
You leave me or ignore me
How should it matter,
Life is temporary, relative and perspective
People learn to move on, so may be nothing really matters