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Scattering Friendship

Pass the traffic lights Pass the chanting  voices Pass the road side night lights Buildings i pass Junctions i pass Dark is the night Winning chants i hear Dark is the night Lighting strikes Thunderless is the black gray sky My thoughts travel pass the mammatus sky Wonders its way through my mind Off it goes ,boundary less space it finds Off goes my mind For off goes to everywhere ,my friends East west north and south My friends are everywhere Yet noone by my side I got friends everywhere So why alike cloistered is life?

Poor is the country Rich are the folks And off they go Pass the TIA To another place Scattering everywhere My country men and women
For all i desire today To see my folks in person No virtual reality will do No long phone calls will do And the question pops in my head Why we have to move?  Good were those days of school All my folks were in the same room And now i hum in one  While they be singing in another tune