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Having a Big Sister, What's it like?

Today is my sister's birthday. And as a kid once i did try giving her all my gifts and toys. Back then that was the most I could do. I was wondering what special could I do for her birthday today to make it a little more special? Why don't I just write how it feels to have her in and have had her in my life?
Below are the few things about having a big sister that i relate to:

1. Dancing partner.
As a kid, we, oops nope , she choreographed so many songs and made all the little kids to dance on her steps. Anyone remember the "Fulchowki ko dada muni godawari bana" song dance?

2. Doing things she did.
Having started watching football because she did. The whole lot of movies that we have watched together. The exercising we did together. Following up a celebrity or an athlete because she did.

3. Ultimate stylist.
 I never bought a dress as a kid, unless  my sister approved of them. NEVER. EVER. She was my stylist.

4. Learning morals and good deeds.
 My sister always taught me…