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Everyday without you

I feel the love i have for you is immense.
I feel not i have need of you in life though.
I feel the strong desire to see you in person.

So much of warm emotions that wants to wrap you up in my arm.
A little bit of anger for you being lost, i no not where you hide.
A little bit of pain, for the distance is so big in miles and in bond.

I could only close my eyes
And think of you near me
I could only close my eyes
And wish to dream of you in my sleep
Is this madness or obsession 
I cannot tell
Are you already gone?
Why are you not here?
Why am i here?
Why is there so much distance
Why am i without you
Breathing, alive and leaving
Yet with the feel of you missing
Like all i have could be more defined
My each smile, each laughter,
Every sadness, every success and 
Every failure 
wants your comfort and touch
Help me see life from your eyes
I havent forgotten your voice
My truth are becoming lies
Our truth is becoming a fiction
Like a chapter from a novel i am recit…