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Old and sick

Could i close my eyes and think of us Old and weak Old and sick Stupid and dumb Lazy and not plumb Grumpy you or grumpy me? Both of us wrinkly?
Could you close your eyes and think of us? No tooth to spare  Or black pair of hair  Cant move too fast Or laugh too hard Our brown eyes
that's become so grey
Of the time i speak When I am not pretty ,
Our brain is slow And you are not smart Yet will i love you, Will i love you enough? Will you hold my old hands? Will you love me enough? For i aint pretty and  You are not smart Will we love us? Will we love us enough?
For, this is the time I will need you by my side As growing is the deafness And plummeting is our sight Will you help me walk the stairs? As I help you read the paper We complain and take our medicines We laugh and play with little kids We forget, forget and keep forgetting Yet everyday you kiss me good morning

And even in the darkest days of our life I pray we shine
With love so pure
and life lived to the fullest