Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Days of life

Lifeless am i?
Laying down
On my bed
I cant move
I can see
I cant hear
Thoughts have conjested

A cup of tea i ask
Nd a bed to sleep
And let me live in peace
12 inch washing tub
Placed in my bedroom 
I have shame but had no washroom
So let me live in peace

So the other day i text ya know?
My bunch of people
I tell em am tensed got some problem at work
Ya know they were tensed equally?
Alas not a lil trace of it for me , shoot.

Why are you scared? Did you do something wrong?
Am only human, too much on my mind, you only add to my pain

Oh my mother don't know
But she has nothing to worry about
She asks me to help her
But i cant move a feet
She is tired of physical pain
I am tired of my thoughts

At nights i awoke, there was a fight i had to win
Asked for help
And now the enemy is butchering me
My body lies in my bed
I cant move a feet
I can only see
My heart is so heavy
Weaving thoughts and weeping salt
But Am not hungry
Plunging into darkness
I have lost the will
Can I get up?
Can i move my feet?
Why am i so heavy?

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