Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Engineering License Registration In NEC

To register for your license under NEC, first you need to get the registration forms. In their official site, there is indeed a "online registration" option but unfortunately it is just a menu option and nothing more as of 2019/January. When filling out the forms you have to be fill the first page in NEPALIPlease make sure you fill the first page in Nepali. Its compulsory. You have to write details of your name, your family, your permanent and temporary address, citizenship number, current employer. You have to again fill all of this details in English on the next page.
On the 3rd page, you fill out details of your education. Education Level, where you studied, what division you scored. Below that, two registered engineer needs to fill out their names , their engineering license number  and signature. Then you have to fill out  the oath in both NEPALI and ENGLISH. At the end, again you have to fill out the application form and fill out the basic details of yourself AGAIN.
To submit this form you'll need following things:
  1. 4 passport size photo and 1 auto size photo (make sure the photos are same. They insist on that)
  2. Copy of original Engineering license of engineers who act as your witness/recommender ( the ones who sign for you). 
  3. A receipt of payment of NRs 3400 payed in favour of NEC's Rajstriya Banijya Bank account. Only some of the branches of RBB receive the payment on behalf of NEC. As far as I know, Singhadurbar branch and Jamal branch accept the payment. Please confirm before going to any branch.  The account no is 1093. More details here.
  4. Following documents attested  in a notary or your university:

    1. SLC mark sheet,
    2. Character certificate,
    3. Intermediate level or 10 +2 Transcript,
    4. Character certificate,
    5. B.E.Degree/provisional Certificate,
    6. B.E Transcript,
    7. Character certificate,
    8. Attested copy of Citizenship.
Once you submit this, they will give you a temporary certificate which you can use to apply abroad or for any job that requires it. As of now, it takes more than 3-4 months for your original copy to arrive. Please call before going. 


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