Friday, December 29, 2017

Give me a true smile

You are a question
You are a mystery
You make me wonder 
Could I help you?

Your eyes are liars
You words are fires
You hurt my intentions
You are a mystery

A burden on my chest
A gulp on my throat
You deserve just so much more

You are weird and that’s ok
But mysteries I wanna solve
Why do you always sleep?
So rude sometimes and so caring another day

It’s so cold and you wear no coat
Lost them both, it’s not your fault
Why you laugh for no reason
And sleep all the time
Damien rice and hozier keeps playing on rhyme 

You are mystery 
Be a happy one
Weird is your presence 
Be a crazy one 
Playing alone the strings of guitar
Headphones are on your ear
Please give me a true smile
Your heart is pure, so be your smile

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