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Having a Big Sister, What's it like?

Today is my sister's birthday. And as a kid once i did try giving her all my gifts and toys. Back then that was the most I could do. I was wondering what special could I do for her birthday today to make it a little more special? Why don't I just write how it feels to have her in and have had her in my life?
Below are the few things about having a big sister that i relate to:

1. Dancing partner.
As a kid, we, oops nope , she choreographed so many songs and made all the little kids to dance on her steps. Anyone remember the "Fulchowki ko dada muni godawari bana" song dance?

2. Doing things she did.
Having started watching football because she did. The whole lot of movies that we have watched together. The exercising we did together. Following up a celebrity or an athlete because she did.

3. Ultimate stylist.
 I never bought a dress as a kid, unless  my sister approved of them. NEVER. EVER. She was my stylist.

4. Learning morals and good deeds.
 My sister always taught me to be polite and kind. Although we fought a lot and used swear words, at the end of the day she always said these words "Conquer hate not with hate but love". Every new year or dashain, she passed greeting cards to the whole bunch of her friends and school mates, and so did I. She believed (and still believes) in wishing everyone on their birthday,in making it special and so I did too. Her common phrase "May I be able to wish you even in your 100th birthday so I could also live longer".

5. Fighting for the phone and the dial-up internet.
 There was always a rule with her: she could make as many calls as she wanted, she could use the dial-up as much as she wanted but me !!! Nope I would get a beating if I did. And the fights for the phone? If any one of us was on the phone, we just wanted the other to hang up to save the bill. And disturbing the other person while on phone? Well I guess that was only me.

6. Being popular in school because of her.
 Teachers knew me as "Reshma ko baini" and so did so many of the school children. Yeah yeah I was popular for my own reasons too (like for my weird crazy laugh). Nevertheless she did improve my otherwise tainted popularity for crazy laughter.

7. She is your guardian.
 Having a big sister gives you an extra protective feeling that you wouldn't get from anyone else. She cares for you, takes care of you, love you unconditionally. Like the mother love and father love, you get sister love so pure and out of this world. Also to add she is someone you can look up to , someone to rely on always.

8. NOT to forget the whole bunch of extra wardrobe.
The most amazing thing is the extra wardrobe you get. Wearing her new clothes before she does, fitting in her jeans, shoes and tees, what an amazing and awe-awe-some advantage. WOhooooo.

9. Secret keeper
 Any friend of yours, even your parents might share your secret but she wont. You can be your true self and she wont judge you.  You don't judge each other. That's how it is with sisters.

10. Someone you are always proud of.

You never tell this to your sister but you always have been proud of her. Be it her excellent speaking skills, hosting skills, managing skills, dancing skills, her bravery , her small to big accomplishments you are one proud sister.

Here  I go folks a small list of many things about having a big sister. I love you my devil sister despite what I say or have had said like "I will smash your head in a big big big pot". Happiest birthday.



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Why are you scared? Did you do something wrong? Am only human, too much on my mind, you only add to my pain

Oh my mother don't know But she has nothing to worry about She asks me to help her But i cant move a feet She is tired of physical pain I am tired of my thoughts

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