Friday, March 1, 2013

My Drug is MUSIC

What does getting high really mean??
  Is it being out of our mind, not being able to think rationally,  
having all the crazy thoughts, getting stupid courage for stupid  
Well i get high from music.
Its the best medication to heal me
and the worst possible medication to harm me as well.
It takes me to heaven and to hell.
It swings my mood.
There's a difference though, getting high having weeds and getting high  
listening to music.
I haven't ever tried the first one but as far as i know
it makes you forget your worries most of the time... Em now that i  
think of it yes music does that too.

But when music haunts you, it haunts you real bad. All the  
wrong decisions of your life, all the people/friends you have hurt,  
all the things you did wrong and all things/ people who did you wrong
every possible sorrow or grief you have been trying to suppress for so  
long takes over your mind
and you cant do anything but feel helpless, wonder at the time that  
has past, a time you cannot change.
The best thing for you to do, is to realize its not too late to compensate for the  
mistake but its easier said than done.
You cannot please everyone in your life
You cannot make everyone happy.

I feel helpless at a situation when music puts me to hell.
I should change my major to psychology, coz i cant fight this feeling.
what kind of feeling is this?? Is it sadness, confusion, madness?? What really  
is this situation?

But i guess its equal to getting high, you dunno Wat u really are, sad confused or  

May b because everything, you've been hiding within u, trying to overcome or  
forget bursts out n stresses your mind and you just dunno Wat n how you  
are feeling.

Writing this all eases me.
And i  read it somewhere, writing relieves a Lil of your stress.

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